We have been planting gardens of this nature within cities, farms, personal properties and campuses for over five years. It has proven to be a highly successful method of transforming land back into ecological vibrancy and productivity. Easy to design, easy to install. Beautiful in every stage of growth. Fun to tend, and increasingly abundant of high-yielding, low-maintence crops.

To explore these concepts further, we recommend the following volumes, all of which have been referenced for our work:

About the Planting 'A Perennial Polyculture'
Greentek prioritizes the use of perennial plantings as a successful method of long-term, edible, ecological restoration.


A system that draws upon the cooperative nature of plants to devise living systems in which every species contributes to the health of every other. Inherently low-maintenance following installation, becoming increasingly abundant every season thereafter. Each plant fills a role that draws upon its unique strengths, helping each other to reveal their greatest form. Low growing plants hold moisture while repelling weeds. Trees enjoy the sun while sheltering herbs. Flowers offer their own beauty while delighting humans and insects alike. No till, no damage, just happy, fertile soil growing softer, deeper, darker every year.

Exceelent understory herb that will fill thick .

Delcious, delicaye flove. Great raw or cooked.

INcredible nectary planet that attracts many beneficial insects :)

A small medicinal plant

Other titles that have influenced the fruit trail.