$50 pays for...


- The cost of the tree

- A lifelong plant label

- Wire cage for its first year

- Rodent guard

- Soil amendments

-   and a few small companion plants

        to act as support.

*If you would like to write the team upon sponsoring your tree,

                                you may do so using treeteam@newfruittrail.com


  **If you are looking for a place to make other donations, do so here,

   or check 'Contribute' page above.


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One example of a success, edible, native groundcover. Great spreading habit, non-aggressive. Holds it own against unwanted plants. Can be started by seed or a few small plugs.  Other examples: Bugle, thyme,

Garlic, onions,

Local pollinator plant to attract species that will ripen fruit



bee balm, hyysop, native mints, lavender, and many more.

Spring Bulbs to offset voles and other critters that would other chew on bark

Add a tree to our forest, and become a member of the movement. Thank you.