We are reestablishing natural resources. We are making local production a reality again. We are setting ourselves up for success; for the better future that we all hold in our hearts. And it does not need to be any sort of difficult. Through Greentek, we are here to make the healing of our planet as fun as it has the potential to be.





Presently the campaign....

Efforts every weekend: A perpetual campaign at last.

Freeing up teams, sending resources into towns and cities, to host plantings every single weekend, line every street with berries, and .. while retiring home to wild, healing dance parties, and luxurious cabins.  Any house, yard, abandoned, lot over-mined forest, or mountain, plugged into the network, and we will arrange plantings just as smooth, clear and exciting as this one. Wew welcome volunteers, we ar

Nursery in Montague MA that grows all of the plants -- for free,

elcome mor.

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So... fruit?



Like peaches?







Unfortunately not... Not unless we build a really great glasshouse.


Well, won't I get sick?!

You won't get sick! If anything, it will make you healthier and stronger! I'm sorry that your upbringing made such an effort to make anything from nature appear dangerous or dirty. The fact is though, that this is where true health and resilience lays. If anything is making you sick, it's the food, medicine and thoughts being served by an old system.


So, you're saying this is good for me?

Yes. One of the greatest things you could possibly be a part of.


You mean I can eat this apple?

Yes. It will be one of the sweetest apples you have ever tasted.


Are you sure? I see a wart on it. There might be a worm inside! What if it stings me?!

Eat the apple.


This... this is fantastic.



Really, this is great! I thought that apples were supposed to be sou... Wow. What else are you growing?

It looks like the beach plums are ripe.

And the gooseberries.

Here, have you ever tried a currant?



...and on and on and on, until the person is growing a food forest in there own yard, championing the trail, with shovel in hand, sun overhead, heart alight, friends by their side, and the soil growing thicker and deeper year after year after year underfoot...



Would you tell me more about the installation event?

     Gladly. The entire installation takes the form of a massive celebration and festival in early Summer or late Spring. We'll invite a few local, acoustic musicians, bring healthy food, and have everything delivered to site one week prior to planting. There are clearly defined plant stations, trees are organized by size and type, we've collected plenty of tools, and had piles of mulch dropped rhythmically along the path. Everyone shows up with a shovel, rake or wheelbarrow, ready to plant. After a lovely early-morning introduction, we set to work.

     We break into teams, and leaders collect their group for a quick briefing. After a few laughs, each team lays their plan out in order to fulfill their preferred method of installation. They may reference a handy guide if needed. There are activities going on around and between each team as well. There are opportunities to create art for the space, seeding stations, and even sections of the design left blank for future inspiration, installation and sculpture. People are wheeling around carts of plants, mulch, and water, all helping to make our town; our little portion of the Earth, a better place. There is a uniquely helpful role for everyone to participate.

     ...As the sun sets and planting day comes to a close, we've given a final watering and blessing to our plants. We may take a long, group stroll across the trail in order to admire our transformation, or we may choose to close in our separate teams. Whatever feels best.

      We've assigned a few long-term volunteers from each team who are willing to check in on their portion of the trail for the remainder of summer. We've tagged and cataloged the trees, hung a few birdhouses, and ultimately, planted the site in a manner that will add lasting health and beauty to our community and our environment for generations to come. Using perennial planting procedures, the trail will live on, becoming increasingly abundant and balanced. It stands as a symbol of what we can accomplish as a whole. It stands as a guide to a better world. Now, it lives on, for all people to harvest, for children to enjoy, animals to live, and all hearts to find peace.



Would you explain a bit more about the planting itself?

     Yes. It is highly recommended that you check out this page, here, first. Further questions about the planting will be answered as they arise, and posted below:





What about all that fruit? Who is going to harvest all of those peaches and plums and cherries and ripe succulent little persimmon?!

       Quite a problem to have, huh!

       A few responses. One, these trees take a long time to come into maturity. It will be 2-3 years before we start seeing any significant crops from our plants, and a few years more before they are really dripping with fruit. During that time we will continue to cultivate widespread enthusiasm for the trail. You can be sure that by the time there is any threat of stray peaches spoiling anyone's day, we have rallied people to feel so inspired about the trail and so eager to collect the first fruits, that people will be gathered in admiration of the first swelling crops, baskets in hand, ready to pick.

       Two. We have every intention of maintaining functional, electronic resources for the trail. That is, everyone who is linked into the project will receive tasteful updates about what's going on, when there are opportunities to be involved, and of course, when the pears are getting soft or mulberries are starting to drop. In the same way, the space can be used for workshops and activities, notifying folks through these same streams, and at a live, weatherproof board at the trail itself. Any exciting or inspiring news will be known by all. We'll turn work into play, and certainly, any hint of ripening  berries, herbs, or flowers will be shared in manner that helps people find and make use the wonderful crops.

      Three. After the planting, we will have a collection about 2 - 3 dozen 'stewards' who have pledged to regularly check in on portion of the trail. Each sections will receive 3 - 4 individuals take on roles such as 'water warrior', 'mulch master' and 'pruning prince' (titles open to change!). They each receive a guidebook for their respective role, and check in to perform their particular task, keep the plants watered, and ensure that everything is growing well. These individuals receive incentives such as free admission to Greentek events, access to facilities, and other incentives within the network. Finally, a small list of exceptionally qualified members of Greentek and Newtown will be presented to the town who remain 'on call' to take on any task


How is this related to 12/14?

    This whole project started when we brought the concept of a sustainable community 'farm park' to the Land Use department in summer, 2012. The project was unfolding beautifully. Then, the morning that we were scheduled to meet in Hartford to have the site transferred to agricultural land, was the very same day that the world held its breath for what occurred just a few miles down the road.

      Needless to say, the meeting did not occur. As time went on, a new plan emerged for the site that we had been planning the park. As fate would have it, by the time that our lives arranged themselves to be in position to take on this sort of initiative again, a newly paved walking trail had been installed across the road from REED Intermediate School, and across the road from the site for the park (In fact, the farm park site was rather like the 'backyard' of the intermediate school, while the Fruit Trail is decidedly the front!).

     In truth, the new walking trail turns out to be best location that we ever could have ever asked for. Creating a vast fruit planting like this is incredibly easier to do along such a clearly defined course. It's easier to install, easier manage, and much easier to harvest. There is no chance of overlooking a plant, and visitors can enjoy the planting in its entirely without any concern of straying from the path, or needing any sort of map. We can even cater visitors' experience per the pathway.


       So, how is this related to 12/14?... It's as related as you choose to perceive it to be. The story above illustrates that we'd be actively working to create these projects whether there was a tragedy in our town or not. The story also illustrates that the Fruit Trail is inextricably linked to the event that occurred on the morning that we would have otherwise passed a major threshold for the farm park. Now, we present you the Fruit Trail.


        Is this for the children of Sandy Hook? Of course. How could it not be? But, it is for all children. It is for all people. It has always been about building a better world. It has always been about recognizing that the systems in place are NOT working as well as they could be. There is no reason to be living in a society that causes people so much pain, and that causes the ruin of land, and lives and communities across the planet. Why are we so separated? Why are we so sick? Why are we living in a system that is designed- intentionally or not- to make people feel unwell, alone, confused, and unhappy? That's what causes trouble to arise. Why are we devoted to systems that make people so sick, and that are ruining the planet? It doesn't really matter why anymore. The only 'why', is why aren't we implementing realistic solutions every single day?

       The Fruit Trail is about making systematic changes to our social and environmental landscape that encourage the  physical, mental, social and even spiritual health of every member of our community. It's about providing a space that people can go to when they're feeling down, and a venue to rejoice when they're feeling vibrant and full of life... It's about getting people outdoors, surrounded by nature, in a space that feels safe and welcoming at all times. It's about  taking action to restore our world, encouraging new hobbies, providing meaningful programming, planting with community and connecting with the natural world. And above all, it's about showing that there are very effective ways to produce the resources that we need here, at home, without dismantling foreign lands and communities to get them!

      Growing food at home is a huge step forward. Restoring the environment is essential. Doing so with perennial plants on public land is revolutionary. We'll start here. We'll restore THIS patch of soil. We'll heal the land in OUR town, and we'll do so in a manner that brings people together. We'll take care of the planet. We'll restore natural resources. We'll heal the environment, and do so in a way that grows fruits and nuts and valuable plants so that fewer people have to rely on the systems that would otherwise dismantle the world.

      We can realize a world where all people are free to feed from the landscape again. We can live in a culture that actually makes the Earth better, healthier and more beautiful thanks to our having been here. There is no reason to engage with old systems any longer than we need them to transition into a world that is free and fair and full of abundance for all people... This is one bold step that our community can take toward that goal. We'll start with the Fruit Trail, and take on the next biggest project from there!

     ...If the world is watching our town, all the better. Let them see. Let them see how well we can heal. Let them see what our town can do. If we're going to be remembered for anything, let it be as one of the very first communities to take serious action toward the brightest world that we are all capable of creating.


       Making our town and our world a safer place has never been a question about what to take away, of adding restrictions or creating boundaries. It has always been about identifying the systems that are making people so unwell as to become a danger, and replacing them with models in which everyone is so well taken care of and life is so balanced that no one ever needs to suffer quietly in pain or confusion, or stress... Imagine a world that is so abundant, and in which life has become so intelligently equal that there needs to be no conversation about what to fix. We can have that world. It's not so far off. Suddenly, the conversation becomes, what do you want to build, what do you want to create, not what's wrong or what's to blame, but who and what do you love; what is it that makes you feel most excited to be alive? Forget the rest, it never mattered. Let's take care of ourselves, take care of each other, take care of our planet and step proudly into that world.




Nope. If anything, the Fruit Trail will reduce tick populations by creating habitat for birds and amphibians that otherwise feed on such insects. In general, restoring a site back to ecological healthy and diversity serves to bring balance to all species in question. In this case, we're dropping ticks that are too many, and upping birds, bugs, bees and amphibians that are too few.



Now wait just a second. Aren't those trees going to need lots of pruning?! I've heard that trees need LOTS of pruning!

        Yes, if we were only planting apple trees, then the trail would require much pruning indeed. However, there are a large number of plants that grow successfully without any major pruning. These include asian pear, persimmon, pawpaw, cultivated mulberries, serviceberry, hawthorn, edible dogwood, native plums, quince and nearly every kind of berry or small fruiting shrub. The same is true for most nut trees, which thrive without almost any care at all. These include Chestnut, Walnut, Heartnut, Hazels, and Ginkgo, which we plan to include in the design for the promise of community nut gathering and nut roasting in the Falls and Winters ahead :)



...So you're saying that we can plant this whole mile-long loop in a few days... And, ....suddenly the whole park is set to become healthy and productive and diverse for ...decades ...centuries to come....?


     Yes. Absolutely amazing, huh? <3 We can literally transform large spaces in a few day or less. Working as a whole, we can reset the direction of a piece of land back toward ever-increasing health and stability. We can improve ecology, community, and shift from global degradation to global restoration... Making these changes is not difficult. Performed at this scale, we could very quickly realize a world in which many of the most trying issues of our time have been resolved. This is the purpose of Greentek; to make healing the planet as widespread, easy, and fun as it has the potential to be.

       It doesn't stop here, friends. This park marks the first substantial public planting. If we can transform this one park, we can transform all parks. With clear orchestration, we can restore the whole world. That is exactly what Greentek is here to do.


So who is this Greentek?

        Greentek exists to perform massive environmental restoration. Greentek's method is unique, in that it creates entire communities specifically FOR the purpose of growing the plants, fuel, food and housing necessary to facilitate a full-time restoration campaign. Greentek communities are always created on previously damaged land that has been restored by the network, expanding outward from the center onto additional sites, as established teams hone a particular skill, and are ready to move their work onto an even larger space. Each team and each site prioritizes nursery work, farm work, media, lumber, bike repair or other artisan skills. Every new site specializes in a particular advantage that feeds into the whole and propels the campaign. Collectively, all Greentek sites work as one to create an entire, restoration-resource-network that exists in complete autonomy of foreign systems in order to perform massive environmental restoration, host healing events, and to make the healing of out planet as easy and fun as it has the potential to be.


Ultimately, Greentek is an ever expanding network of sustainable farms and communities that work as one to compose a restoration resource network that exists in perpetual improvement of the land, and our personal/collective experience.


       Presently, the restoration campaign is being conducted by Greentek and partner project, Help Yourself (www.helpyourselfedibles.org), who are both highly engaged in the installation of edible, ecological plantings throughout central MA and New England. We are currently in the process of refining our campaign to make it easy as possible for anyone, anywhere to enter their energy into the effort. We are prepared to take on far more sites, far more volunteers, and welcoming the first network farms to participate in the initiative. These first network farms host long-term members who are ready to work full-time on the healing of the earth. Member farms also produce resources to allow us to shift our reliance off of foreign industries, providing local materials for our plantings, and providing food/fuel for full-time members to focus even more fully on improving our movement and our Earth.


       Soon, we will invest in a long-term operational site from which to conduct the restoration campaign full-time. There are many operational roles between Greentek and Help Yourself that are being conducted from disparate sites throughout New England. As soon as we collect proper funds, we will obtain a long-term property, restore the site through a planting festival, and allow core members to shift into long-term living situations as the space is ready. The 'farm' will be composed of orchards, groves, meadows, and a variety of regenerative production systems to create a bountiful landscape to fuel our work and our growth... Ultimately, it is a space to realize the best of our personal/collective potential while hosting thrilling events, and leading a movement to make this earth as beautiful, fun, fair, and healthy as it can possibly be.

       We can live luxurious lives in harmony with nature, while purposefully, passionately attending to the healing of our planet. That is not so hard to imagine! Indeed, Greentek is deigned to offer such a life to as many caring individuals as possible. Ultimately, Greentek farms follow a self-replicating model in order to double and triple every successful community, creating an entire network of regenerative farms... Each site establishes functional teams of artisans and healers who are primed to move onwards onto additional sites that are restored by the network. Each site specializes in a particular, central advantage to fuel the whole. Each of these central operation are managed by the original team who first moved onto the new site. From there, the site expands outwardly in the same manner, initiating new teams, opening up more roles, generating more resources, and healing more land. All sites are built using materials generated by existing network farms. All new sites are restored through network plants, artisans, members, food, fuel and entertainment.... Through this simple structure, an entire restoration resource network can be established, one step at a time, until Greentek exists in complete autonomy of foreign systems, expanding in perpetual improvement of the land, and the lives of our members.


       Without counting on government support, nor awaiting structural changes from within old systems, we have asked, how on earth are we gong to fix this planet? This is the plan. It has to happen somehow. This is a network that heals as it grows, and grows as it heals, spreading branches into damaged lands all across the planet, establishing entirely regenerative resource networks to fuel our own healing efforts.

       This is a plan, assuming that we have to do it ourselves, to restore as much land as possible, while having as great a time as possible. There are a number of incredibly creative solutions embedded within this initiative, such as massive restoration music festivals, methods of absorbing capital to convert back to soil, a mobile application to facilitate the streamlined transformation of urban spaces, a farm ship, and a website that is even more beautiful and user-friendly than this one, designed to make ALL of these functions as simple, clear and easy as possible. We have the power.


This is a mere sample of the preparations being taken behind the scenes. Anyone who is intrigued may remain up to date by logging onto the site at www.greenteknetwork.com where updates will be offered as they are ripe.



to create an ever-expanding network of sustainable farms and communities that work as one to generate all of the reouces necesary to perform this work on a massive scale, and free more and more people to work full time on the restoration of planet earth.

This is a plan, assuming that we have to do it ourselves, to restore as much land as possible, open up new living opportunities, host events like the Fruit Trail, and generate all of the resources we could ever need to build the best world that humans are capable of creating. It is method of moving, step by step, from the world we were born into, and last stepping into the next new phase of human evolution.