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Presently, the team is generating three different landscape designs for the trail. These designs are destined to hang side-by-side with a BLANK map on Main Street for one month. These maps demonstrate the range of styles that a project like this can take, in order to get people's wheels turning and to generate a town-wide vision for the trail. These maps will be on display with other material through late March and April before installation. All members of the community are invited to review the plan, add their input, find a role and add their inspiration.
Throughout this time, we are visiting each of the following committees for approval: WINTER: Spring: Summer:
After collecting visions and ideas from the town, we will formulate a master plan that integrates everyone's collective insight. This final design will be brought for confirmation to the Selectman's Committee before making final arrangements for our installation festival in late May or June.
 Teams are collected in advance online, and through the community design process. All plants, mulch and donated materials are to be delivered to site prior to planting.
 The site is prepped, tools are collected, and all members of the project gather to open the planting. For one weekend, we host an incredibly healing, installation festival. There is live music, healthy food, and a variety of activities to engage in while each team is busy installing their section of the trail. The entire planting will be broken into 8 separate sections, and 8 separate teams. Upon planting day, each team receives a schematic plan for their section of the trail, each team is rallied by one Greentek leader, and participants set to work digging, mulching, singing, seeding and watering the beautiful new trail. There are a few fun introductions, a collective lunch break, refreshments served along the path, tasteful musicians, and even heroic teams of water warriors wheeling barrels of H2O along the trail for plants and plant-ers alike. At the end of the event, we've put the final tags on our trees, and left the site in a state that will benefit our friends and family for generations to come. In one weekend, we've redirected the entire course of our park back to health and vibrancy. We've grown and connected as a community; proof of our collaboration growing daily in the plants themselves. All who wish are welcomed back for a thorough, elaborate dance party to celebrate our gratitude.
Fairfield Hills Authority, Parks and Recreation, Land Use, Planning and Zoning, and Conservation.
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In general, the nature of this planting will require minimal maintenance. Thick groundcovers suppress weeds, companion plants build fertility, confuse pests and so on. We've even selected trees that are hardy to New England, nearly care-free, and that grow nicely without pruning. Stewards:
To ensure that the trail maintains a high visual and functional standard, several long-term stewards will be assigned to each section of the trail. Each of these stewards receive a handy guide for their particular task. They visit throughout the first year to help water, weed, and ensure that all of the plants are growing well. On-call members:
In order to guarantee the trail, a small collection of 'On-call' members will remain active. These are residential members of Greentek and Newtown who have significant training and experience. In the event that a reasonable task may arise, the town may draw from this list. Somebody will appear to fulfill the objective. Enthusiasm:
The Fruit Trail Team plans to share consistent enthusiasm about the trail, announcing when fruit is ripe for harvesting, new opportunities, and even work events. This is for the town, by the town. Through our enthusiasm, all fruit will be gobbled up, and tasks turned to play.