Have something to say about the trail? Add your input here. Broad inquiries, suggestions and inspirations are welcome. We are also specifically collecting design ideas, favorite fruit data, themes and visions for the trail.

Want to help in an artistic manner?

There are opportunities to create lasting art along the trail, opportunities to perform music during planting day, and spaces devoted to significant installations throughout the path.

Have other ideas? add them here!


Pledge to become a long-term steward of one part of the trail. Each section of the design will receive 3 - 4 long-term stewards whose role it is to check in, ensure the health of the plants, tend to any watering or maintenance and who will receive a few incentives.


What else is swelling in your heart that you would like to add to this effort? Is there a role we haven't thought of? Do you have some dream or talent or super-power that we would should be aware of?? Reveal your passion here!



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Installation will be performed by breaking the trail into 8 sections

to be planted by 8 teams. Add your name to an existing team,

or start a new one of your own!

We'll need plenty of help

 setting up the site, keeping volunteers hydrated, catering lunch,

and orchestrating activities!

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Installation for 2016 has been completed!
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