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Tools, Hardware, Plants, Seeds & Equipment This is where it gets fun. Thank you. We'll need a lot of shovels, a lot of wheelbarrows and a lot of gear the get this many people planting this much space at once! We ask team members to bring their own shovels, spades, buckets and barrows -clearly marked- to planting day. However, any back-up equipment that can be collected in advance will be supremely helpful. Donated items and tools will live on at the site for use by community stewards, and existing community gardens. Non-Monetary Support

At Present, any of the items listed below may be delivered to the following Greentek donation hubs:


Connecticut:           49 Butterfield RD, 06470

Massachusetts:      14 Marstons Aly, 01376





*Donation spaces are clearly defined on site. Please label

any donation  'for the Fruit Trail', or other relevant information.

Forks for moving Mulch
Rakes, Mallets, Hoes and other landscaping or gardening tools
Wire fencing for deer protection
Tree guards
Plant Labels
Rope, wire, zip-ties Other
Gloves, weed-whackers, Pruning equipment,
Safety Gear
Rototiller for unique applications
Organic fertilizers
Innoculants Hoses, Buckets, Bird Feeders
Wind Chimes, Bird Houses
If they're alive, we'll take them! We'll nurse them to health if necessary and find a great home.
Potted plants can be delivered now, and bare-root plants/divisions may be delivered on-site, the week of installation. We will also take SEEDS and extra VEGETABLE STARTS
We'll have seeding activities and pgive-
aways to inspired new gardeners during the event.
We may also plant extra veggies in other public gardens through New England. Plants!

For complete plant page, click here.

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If you have access to a great deal of woodchips, compost, minerals, or stone, please add your name here if you would like to be notified when and where there are free, convenient places to unload & help this work:     
Drop off station posted soon.