The Walkers
The Fruit Trail is five minutes from the middle school, and directly across REED Intermediate School. It is minutes down the road from the High School, from which many students drive. In time, there are safe walking trails to be installed linking the trail to many other points in town. A Vision of the Future The Fruit Trail is a demonstration of the intelligent new ways that towns and cities can interact with public land. The fruit trail is a living vision of a more sustainable future, in which common space is used for the good of all. The trail transforms our park into a campus of sustainability where people can snack on berries, learn about useful plants, participate in workshops, find a quiet space, charge a phone by the sun, host a group meeting, read, draw, or anything else that they feel called to do. It encourages wellbeing and allows many different ages and backgrounds to interact in a meaningful way. It does not take a long explanation to describe the incredibly positive impact that a space of this nature has on the long-term health and wellbeing of a community. We're creating a safe place for students to be kids again, in the fresh air, picking fruit, encouraged to discover new interests, and ultimately, to grow on as caring, capable people who feel connected to their community, who value their environment, and who know that better ways are possible, and who know that they can impact the world, because they've tasted a peach from the Fruit Trail.... By creating this NOW, we are setting ourselves for a future of health and stability. It's time to grow our food at home. It's time restore the environment. We're beginning HERE and NOW. We're decreasing our impact on foreign lands, while playing our role to shift from a world of exploitation, to culture of restoration. It's time to see fruit and flowers growing out of every forgotten patch of soil, and give kids the freedom to grow into their fullest potential. It's time to build better world ourselves! There's never been a better time. There's never been a better space. There's never been a better reason. The fruit Trail will grow. Our students will mature. Other communities follow and we will all know a better world. We will build it together.

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The Fruit Trail is perfectly positioned between all of Newtown's Public schools.

There is a phenomena in Newtown known as 'the walkers', in which young students travel by foot every day after school towards the center of town. Here, they consume delicious, manufactured food, become pardoned from shops, and gather in the hot parking-lot pavement. They entertain themselves with electronic gadgets and enjoy lovely interactions with local police. They hold up traffic, pursue their mates, and generally rascal-about before finally finding their way home....


The walkers is a rather innocent, nostalgic element to many kids' experience. However, the reality is that there could be far more nurturing and nourishing outlets for students' natural desire to gather as one and play.


The fruit trail is a response to the walkers, offering an incredibly holistic landscape for students of all ages to collect in a natural setting, surrounded by trees, safe from the road, in a landscape that boosts their curiosity with enriching material and actives.


Imagine plant signs, fruit guides, weekly workshops, interactive programming and enticing structures. Let's allow our students to pick up gardening habits instead of tobacco. Let's facilitate foraging hobbies, nature awareness, and inter-generational contact to soften the confusion of modern life. Let's create a space that allows our kids to grow into the caring, capable, courageous leaders that this world so desperately needs.

The fruit trail is a living scene from a more sustainable future in which social and environmental health are measured as one. It is a space to feel safe among community, and to know that there is always a place to go when one feels ready to play, or perhaps when feeling weary or solemn or in need of quiet care. It is a space that heals the very land on which its grown, and it's always a place to eat free fruit!