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Below are the funding Priorities set forth for 2016.


We are still collecting funds for long-term care of the Fruit Trail,

and for further sections of the one-mile path to be installed in 2017 and beyond.

You may also contribute to the Fruit Tree Fund, for other plantings to be installed by Greentek by clicking here.



The following funding goals will determine the extent of our planting:



Basic Plant Stock:  $5,000 - 10,000.


          - Generous selection of exciting, proven fruit and nut trees. Sample Invoice*

            - Bulk, bare-root fruiting shrubs and bushes to support specimen fruit trees. Sample*

            - Bulk groundcover SEEDS to fill the planting. Sample* To be grown at the Greentek nursery.


Intermediate Planting: $10,000 - 25,000


             A much sturdier selection of plants that will more quickly produce fruit, and more thickly fill the space with beneficial, complementary species. Bare-root seedlings are replaced with robust, mature, named berry cultivars. The groundcover layer includes LIVE plants, and we can include more profession signage.


            - Thorough selection of hardy berry bushes selected for the trail. Sample Invoice*

            - Bulk, bare-root fruiting shrubs and bushes to support specimen fruit trees. Sample*

            - Bulk groundcover PLANTS to fill the trail.   - Plant guards, lifelong labels, tags.


Masterful Landscape: $35,000 - 50,000


            All the plants we need to fill the space in a manner that will benefit the community and the environment for generations to come. This sum ensures long-term success of the Fruit Trail by providing complete ground-covers, native plants, and every variety of berry that we could ask for to fill in between the trees. This sum includes a small community nut grove, and allows us to invest in beautiful edging material, lifetime signage, and a few printed plaques and maps for visitors.


             - Bulk native plants and groundcovers from LOCAL Hollandia Nursery.

            - FInal Selection of fruit and nut trees.

            - Complete grondcovers.

            - Professional labels, educational plaques and map.


Continued Campaign: $50,000+

            Any additional funds after this point will be reserved for the long-term maintenance of the site, for project priorities below, and for similar plantings throughout New England. Let's restore the entire planet.















*Ultimately, the exact types and quantities of plants will be determined through our community design process. These lists reflect the general form of purchases; about 3-4 berry bushes and 10-20 groundcovers and herbs per fruiting tree.




Whenever possible, we plan to obtain fair, responsible materials from within the local community.


Mulch: $0

       Rerouted from local arbor companies


Newspaper: $0

        Misprinted/overprinted papers obtained by the truckload from local publication (for layering under mulch).


Plants: Discounted

          Bulk Potted stock from Hollandia in town.


Geodome / Glasshouse


Purpose: To provide a year-round growing space and relaxation chamber within the trail.

To be fully automated. Designed with perennial species for lowest possible maintenance. Public sanctuary. Scent of plants. Normalize connection to nature.



Bonus Project Priorities:




Purpose: Obtain quality, life-long benches and tables to integrate into the trail design. Potentially fund local artist(s) to create sturdy, stone, metal or timber seating. Final selection to be determined by community design studio.




Solar-Charging Stations


Purpose: Provide outdoor work/study spaces equipped with solar electricity. Allow kids to plug their electronics into the trail while nibbling on berries. Host a meeting, skype outdoors, finish homework, emails, or love-notes.



2016 Priorities: