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Early Success! by Andrew M February 23rd, 2016 Wonderful news! We've just returned from the Fairfield Hills Authority meeting to present the Newtown Fruit Trail. The beautiful full moon in Virgo watching over our presentation could not have been more supportive... THEY LOVED IT! According to several members of the chair and one townsperson taking minutes, ‘It was the warmest, most unanimously supportive response’ that the committee has ever given to a proposal. ﷯ Dear world, dear town, dear community that we love so much, We have indeed be awarded our first major support for the Newtown Fruit Trail. Under the light of the full moon, in a stale, sterile basement, we have presented the entire fruit trail plan to the Fairfield Hills Authority. They loved it. The stage is being set for this project to be born. During public participation, we introduced the project, our scheme, our plan and our vision in the most grounded, alert and caring way possible. We explained the plantings we have already performed in other towns, how this is the first BIG installation, and most importantly, that this is a healing project for our town, aimed at core, systematic issues to ensure a healthier, happier community. It quickly became clear that we could let go of any formal tendencies. After our 'hello,' and introduction, the entire room softened into genuine interest and excitement. There were no shearing questions, only true, inquisitive suggestions from an audience that was growing steadily more at ease. We narrated a scene of the public design room that we wish to arrange, and it was an exceptionally unique experience to perform a ‘permaculture demo’ inside the pale, brick basement of the Edmund Town Tall. I found myself for the first time ever, dancing underneath artificial lights, taking the form of trees and plants, expressing the manner in which thick, creeping ground covers serve to hold back unwanted plants, and demonstrating with long arms, how tap-rooted species so expertly draw nutrients up to higher layers of the soil to benefit communities of complementary plants. In short, it was a huge success. There are a few more committees yet to approach, but if the support that we received at this meeting is any telling sign, we will have ZERO trouble earning the final ‘okay’ from Parks and Rec, and the Board of Selectmen in order to plant this beautiful plan. The scene from a presenter's point of view, was a room full of warm faces and kind smiles. Frown lines tilted up, eyes were alight, and every comment was entirely constructive and meaningful. “Yes. This is good.” Read the body language. “We like this. This will heal. This is fun. We want to help. We want to play. We’re ready.” Upon completion of the meeting, many hands were shook and shoulders pat. Folks from the audience as well as the board took time to express their enthusiasm about the idea, and to offer their energy to the cause. In just one small room, we met dozens of folks who already want to help plant, who already want to contribute funds, who want to follow the story, and, broadly, who just want to help. I forecast that there is about to be A LOT of energy directed into this project... With a clearly defined structure, plan and procedure, we will be able to harness EVERYTHING into the success of this beautiful plan; into the health of our land and community.... We are creating a framework for a wildly fun time, building a beautifully abundant, collaborative, landscape that will ensure the health of people, plants and animals, for years and lives to come. Welcome to a better world.