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If you would like to contribute in a non-monetary way, we are excited to accept a range of material support. Find a list of suggestion items here, or offer others.

We are open to possibilities.

Plants!   Wheelbarrow!   Snacks!

Tools!     Buckets!     Labels!

Mulch!    Tables!    Shovels!

To make an electronic donation,

follow this link. In order to

mail a check, use this address.

In order to lend your energy during installation weekend,

find a role in Participate!

Tools & equipment: Funds:

There are many great opportunities for

artists and designers. Learn about spaces

for art and installation within the trail here!


We are prioritizing art from within the local

community, but anyone may feel free to show and

tell us what  they've got. We'll present possibilities

in the design studio for the community to admire.

If folks are thrilled, we'll arrange further details :)

Skills and Talent

There are a few specific materials and services that will help this project. Do you build greenhouses, have excess stone or timber or cultivate beneficial microbes?


       Click here!


Specific Resources

Leave a legacy by ensuring the success of at least one specimen  fruit or nut tree!


Everything that a young plant needs to grow into its fullest form.

Sponsor a Tree!
Steward Plants:

Grow plants at home to be used throughout the trail. We'll either send you seeds and instructions, or you can order from online nurseries here.


                             *Coming soon!

Special Requests: Other helpful tasks or contributions posted here as they arise.